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Summer Dress or Swimsuit Cover Up

I enjoyed a day at the beach today and wore this dress I picked up at Value Village.

It’s soft, comfy and colourful. As soon as I picked it up I knew it would be perfect as a beach cover up. Proof positive that you have the freedom to purpose your thrifty finds any way you like!


I love the crochet detail at the top. It continues on the back as well.


And the little belt adds a bit of detail.

Today was a well needed break from the work we are doing in our kitchen. See the disaster below. If you enjoy our home DIYs, stick around because lots of exciting stuff has been going on which I will be sharing soon.

Hope you’re enjoying nice weather where you are!



Sometimes You Hit The Thrifting Motherlode

Ever have those days when you’re out thrifting and everything seems to be jumping right out at you and it all is just so perfect? That was me the other day. The great part was that I was out running an errand and just decided to stop by the store to look around. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular and there was no sale going on.

About 15 minutes before closing I walked over to the shoe section and really hadn’t planned on finding anything so close to the end of the day and there they were! 5 pairs of shoes made just for me. Somebody must’ve cleaned out their closet because these were in near perfect condition-never worn or slightly worn.

It started slowly. One pair. Then another and then another and my hands were grasping all over. Only 10 more minutes. Hurry! Hurry!

This, my friends, is what I refer to as the thrifting motherlode. When you just score and score and score.

Here they are.

Coral wedges. The perfect little summer go-to sandal.

Coral wedges. The perfect little summer go-to sandal.

Tommy Hilfiger strappy multi-colour sandal. The go-with-anything shoe.

Tommy Hilfiger strappy multi-colour sandal. The go-with-anything shoe.


Colour block peep toe perfection.

White and light because I needed this colour.

White and light because I needed this colour.

And last but not least. These gorgeous shoes that are in one of my absolute most favourite colours of all and they are sooooo comfy.

Teal beauties.

Teal beauties.

One trip. One store. 5 pairs ranging in price from $7 to $18. Score! Hope your summer thrifting is just as good lately!

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How I Rescued a Pair of Steve Maddens

When I spotted these Steve Madden wedges at the thrift store recently I tried them on. They fit. I paid. I went home. Then I noticed that the elastic on both sandals was disintegrating and could come apart any time.
















There were only 2 options: 1. Forget about them and toss ’em. 2. Take them to the shoe repair shop. Well, I couldn’t toss them. They were in really good shape and wedges are perfect for summer. I love them for work as they’re so comfy and they look great. The shoe repair guy? Meh, how hard could it be to fix this?

















I’m going to play cobbler for a day. How could I NOT see this problem when I tried them on? I need to start carrying my reading glasses around EVERYWHERE!

Step One: Cut that offender out!

You're going down!

You’re going down!



















Not bad Ms. Cobbler. Not bad.

Step Two: Cut a new piece of elastic for each shoe. I didn’t even measure anything. Just eyeballed it and started hand sewing the new elastic in place making sure to poke the little spike through the elastic in the middle (OK, I actually had to google the word for that part, the spike. I was going to say that sticking up thing that goes in the hole). However did we survive without google?


Light Bulb Moment: Now that I think of it, I’ve got a pair of gorgeous red heels where one of the slingbacks is too loose. I don’t know if one foot is bigger than the other or what but I’ve had the shoes for years and don’t wear them because one keeps sliding off. I could do the same thing for those.

Lesson learned: dont’ toss! You can figure it out!


The Biggest, Bestest, Badass Vintage Jewellery Box Ever

Mr. Restyle bought me a jewellery box before we married in 1991. It’s served its purpose very well but I could never fit everything in it and part of the front door had broken off. Sadly, it was time to say goodbye. I picked up this absolutely amazing big ass box at Value Village. It is real wood. It’s huge and it fits everything. I love it.



It’s a little beat up but look at those handles and pulls.???????????????????????????????


I don’t have much costume jewellery but what I do have fits beautifully in this box. The top tray holds all of my rings and earrings.???????????????????????????????


Look at that sticker and banner-The Empress! LOL The “queen” of all jewellery boxes. I can’t believe these things were still attached to the box. Someone took good care of this.???????????????????????????????


The bottom tray holds watches, some boxes that I keep charms in and other odds and ends.???????????????????????????????


The bottom drawer and the 2 trays within contain all of my bracelets and necklaces. I like that the necklaces are not hanging on that carousel thing like a regular box. Nothing gets tangled this way.008


And here’s the best part. There is an inscription on the bottom tray that reads “Ethel from Lionel. Happy Birthday 1966.” How incredibly sweet is that? I wonder who Ethel and Lionel are/were. That’s the thing about buying old stuff. It all has a story. I hope they were happy. Maybe they were married and lived a long life and he bought her many, many beautiful things to put in this jewellery box. Happy Birthday Ethel!???????????????????????????????

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Breezy Thrifted Maxi Skirt & Thrifting Weekend

It has been a truly glorious weekend weather-wise. It’s the perfect temperature and with a slight breeze blowing, this thrifted maxi skirt is just the ticket. I picked it up last year from Talize. I paired it with this thrifted black T and black suede mocassins from Value Village.


Maxi skirt: thrifted from Talize. Top: thrifted (can’t remember where), Moccasins: Value Village, Shades: St. Catharines Flea Market.

I like this one because although it’s a print, it’s not too loud. Mr. Restyle and I had a great weekend of thrifting. Friday night we headed one town over to a true charity shop called Grimsby Benevolent Fund. This place was well-stocked with furniture, kitchen and glassware, toys, games and books galore. It’s very well organized and priced very, very reasonably. I picked up a few tops and a black leather belt along with a couple of Corelle plates to match some we already had. A few had broken over the years so I was ecstatic to find the same pattern and for 25 cents a piece? I mean, really.


Grimsby Benevolent Fund Retail Store

Saturday took us to Beamsville’s Bibles for Missions where I picked up a pair of rollerblades for 3 bucks. I have been able to ice skate since I was a little kid but rollerblading is something I never learned. There will be some shopping for protective gear before I can practice. That was all we had planned to do until Mr. Restyle took out his phone and with the help of an app he has installed, suggested we drive another 15 minutes out to St. Catharines to the Value Village there. Why not? I was pleasantly surprised by this location. It seemed to have WAY more in the tops/blouses section than you find in east Hamilton. I did really well here with a few more tops and scored a beautiful vintage leather clutch that I’ll write about in another post.

Bibles for Missions

Bibles for Missions


Well, what was across the street from the VV? The St. Catharines Ontario Street Flea Market. Flea market’s are not really my thing but the mister, he likes to look around. It’s your typical flea market set up. Towards the back is where everything’s hoarded. I didn’t feel like digging around because I hadn’t anticipated being out so long yesterday. Maybe next time.


Hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend!


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One Year Retail-Free!

I did it! I have not bought any clothing from a retail store in one whole year with the exception (and I made this exception when I made the promise, so it’s legit) of a one-time shopping spree when I was on vacation. Even then, I didn’t buy much and I even thrifted while I was away.

I have become so accustomed to thrifting now and have a greater appreciation for the individuality that shines through when I’m not faced with becoming a fashion slave to what’s trendy. I’ve learned to look for quality pieces that I can mix and match into my existing wardrobe and still look fashionable. The greatest freedom for me is that I am free to wear what I want, to express myself and to feel good about myself.

Not to mention the money I’ve saved which has allowed me to do other things. It’s a win-win situation. Most of all, I’ve let go of the stereotypes that come with thrift shopping. I’m actually a little disappointed that it’s becoming more and more acceptable. I see people from all walks of life when I shop and I also see prices rising.

I’ll post some of my favourite thrift stores finds from this past winter soon. Spring is finally making an appearance and I intend to hit the stores to build my warm weather wardrobe very soon.

Happy Thrifting!

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Old Style Blouse to New Vest

Here’s a real easy restyle. I thrifted this blouse at Talize recently. I was drawn to the colours and print. I’m a sucker for florals.

Love the lavender colours in this print.

Love the lavender colours in this print.

From the tag, I could tell it was probably from the 80s or 90s and suited for someone on the more mature side. I have a feeling it was probably separated from its skirted bottom somewhere in the donation pile. The 80s and 90s were notorious for these 2 piece sets.

I went to work (this was going to be really quick). All I was going to do was remove the sleeves and straighten out the bottom so it was even. Then I tried it on and actually thought it looked cute as a vest, so I’m going to keep it this way. I intend to work it layered over a tank top or maybe even on its own with a nice light skirt or light coloured capri pants.

If you’re drawn to the colours and patterns in a garment and it’s in excellent shape (this one was-it looked like it had seen very little wear), I say go for it. I feel so pretty wearing this!

Love my new vest/sleeveless blouse

Love my new vest/sleeveless blouse


...and layered over a tank top

…and layered over a tank top

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Black & White & Polka Dot

A girl can never go wrong with black and white. Fresh, clean, classic. I paired this black and white polka dot skirt (H&M) from Goodwill with a beautiful crochet tank top I bought down in Panama City Beach, Florida years ago. Shoes are my favourite white wedges by Spring.

polka dot

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Wannabe Thrifter

There’s something very “in” about thrifting right now. I think the stereotype of years past must be fading. Either that or the Thrift Shop song has suddenly turned a ton of people into Wannabe Thrifters. The economy’s better so that can’t be the sole contributing factor in the sudden interest in thrift shops. Maybe it’s that we’re tired of trying to fit the mould of what today’s woman should look like, dress like, feel like and buy! We’re individuals with the freedom to express ourselves. I can’t think of a better way to do this economically and creatively than through thrifting, refashioning and styling our own clothes.

I have to admit that until very recently, I had never stepped foot into a thrift store. I’m ashamed to say that I used to believe that these places were for those less fortunate who had no choice. That was before I discovered that there are people out there who thrift shop on purpose! Now I know why! In only the few excursions I’ve been on, I’ve been able to find many nice things. I look for quality items and have scored a few really nice pieces. I’ve actually received compliments and I have to smile inside because only I know that my whole “new” outfit cost me all of oh, $7! I wish I’d done this years ago. Now I actually look forward to the special sales days and hunting through stuff (some of it IS junk). Finding that hidden treasure is so much fun. Image


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