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One Year Retail-Free!

I did it! I have not bought any clothing from a retail store in one whole year with the exception (and I made this exception when I made the promise, so it’s legit) of a one-time shopping spree when I was on vacation. Even then, I didn’t buy much and I even thrifted while I was away.

I have become so accustomed to thrifting now and have a greater appreciation for the individuality that shines through when I’m not faced with becoming a fashion slave to what’s trendy. I’ve learned to look for quality pieces that I can mix and match into my existing wardrobe and still look fashionable. The greatest freedom for me is that I am free to wear what I want, to express myself and to feel good about myself.

Not to mention the money I’ve saved which has allowed me to do other things. It’s a win-win situation. Most of all, I’ve let go of the stereotypes that come with thrift shopping. I’m actually a little disappointed that it’s becoming more and more acceptable. I see people from all walks of life when I shop and I also see prices rising.

I’ll post some of my favourite thrift stores finds from this past winter soon. Spring is finally making an appearance and I intend to hit the stores to build my warm weather wardrobe very soon.

Happy Thrifting!

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Old Style Blouse to New Vest

Here’s a real easy restyle. I thrifted this blouse at Talize recently. I was drawn to the colours and print. I’m a sucker for florals.

Love the lavender colours in this print.

Love the lavender colours in this print.

From the tag, I could tell it was probably from the 80s or 90s and suited for someone on the more mature side. I have a feeling it was probably separated from its skirted bottom somewhere in the donation pile. The 80s and 90s were notorious for these 2 piece sets.

I went to work (this was going to be really quick). All I was going to do was remove the sleeves and straighten out the bottom so it was even. Then I tried it on and actually thought it looked cute as a vest, so I’m going to keep it this way. I intend to work it layered over a tank top or maybe even on its own with a nice light skirt or light coloured capri pants.

If you’re drawn to the colours and patterns in a garment and it’s in excellent shape (this one was-it looked like it had seen very little wear), I say go for it. I feel so pretty wearing this!

Love my new vest/sleeveless blouse

Love my new vest/sleeveless blouse


...and layered over a tank top

…and layered over a tank top

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Black & White & Polka Dot

A girl can never go wrong with black and white. Fresh, clean, classic. I paired this black and white polka dot skirt (H&M) from Goodwill with a beautiful crochet tank top I bought down in Panama City Beach, Florida years ago. Shoes are my favourite white wedges by Spring.

polka dot

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Wannabe Thrifter

There’s something very “in” about thrifting right now. I think the stereotype of years past must be fading. Either that or the Thrift Shop song has suddenly turned a ton of people into Wannabe Thrifters. The economy’s better so that can’t be the sole contributing factor in the sudden interest in thrift shops. Maybe it’s that we’re tired of trying to fit the mould of what today’s woman should look like, dress like, feel like and buy! We’re individuals with the freedom to express ourselves. I can’t think of a better way to do this economically and creatively than through thrifting, refashioning and styling our own clothes.

I have to admit that until very recently, I had never stepped foot into a thrift store. I’m ashamed to say that I used to believe that these places were for those less fortunate who had no choice. That was before I discovered that there are people out there who thrift shop on purpose! Now I know why! In only the few excursions I’ve been on, I’ve been able to find many nice things. I look for quality items and have scored a few really nice pieces. I’ve actually received compliments and I have to smile inside because only I know that my whole “new” outfit cost me all of oh, $7! I wish I’d done this years ago. Now I actually look forward to the special sales days and hunting through stuff (some of it IS junk). Finding that hidden treasure is so much fun. Image


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