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Easy Workout Tanks From Old TShirts

This is so easy to do. Converting an old T into a tank top. A great idea to reuse a tshirt that’s become stained under the arms or converting oversize (try the men’s section at the thrift store) Ts into workout tops.

Begin with a well worn tshirt. Lay it out flat.


Lay the tshirt out smooth and flat.

Use an existing tank top as a guide. Lay it on top of your tshirt and mark the cutting line.



There are 2 ways to do the other arm. Method 1: here, I’ve just taken the piece I cut off and flipped it over to the other side and cut.


Cut the other sleeve off.


My thrifted Lucky Brand Jeans tank top. Love this colour for summer!

I cut the bottom of this tshirt into strips, then pulled each strip until it started to curl.


Cut and tug at the strips until they curl.

Method 2 for cutting: cut one sleeve, then fold the T in half and cut the other sleeve off.


Cut one sleeve off, fold and cut other side.

Easily turned into a racer back. Take part of the fabric you cut from the sleeve and cut into a strip to use to tie the back into a racer back.


Strip used to tie the tank into a racer back.

That’s it! So simple. No pics of me wearing any of these as it rained all day and I couldn’t go cycling but these are great for when it gets too hot, even if they’re not for working out. I’ll wear something like this any day for gardening or work around the house. I feel very restricted in tshirts during the hot months. I live in sleeveless.

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The Design is in the Detail

Sometimes you stumble upon something that looks quite simple…until you put it on. Like this tank/cardi set. When I saw it at the thrift store it caught my attention because of its crisp elegance. It was brand new and looked well made.

Thrifted Cable & Gauge twinset.

Thrifted Cable & Gauge twinset.

Today was the first time I wore it and I was pleasantly surprised. This simple twinset looks so much better on me than it did on the hanger.

Hook & eye closures all the way up the front.

Hook & eye closures all the way up the front.

It paired perfectly with a white thrifted skirt. Love the fact that it has 3/4 sleeves. Was great for a day like today as it has cooled down considerably from yesterday.

Soft, lightweight, classic in design.

Soft, lightweight, classic in design.

What I really wanted to point out though was how the small details can really make an otherwise boring set.

Beautiful black floral stitching.

Beautiful black floral stitching.


...and tiny little rhinestone details.

…and tiny little rhinestone details.

Happy Sunday! It’s raining today which is a bummer because I cut up a few tshirts the other day to make into “workout” tops. I don’t workout per se, but I’ve started riding my bike again and wanted some tank tops to use for cycling. I’ll post those tomorrow.


Island Inspired Tank Top

My daughter and I thrifted this skirt. She really hasn’t taken to thrifting so I was surprised when she picked this out. She loved the island inspired print so we decided it would make a nice top. At first the intention was to turn it into a tube top, then I got a little more creative.

original thrifted skirt-love the colours and print

original thrifted skirt-love the colours and print

I started by removing the ruffle along the bottom with my seam ripper, then I chopped off some of the length and sewed the new bottom hem. The elastic fit perfectly so I didn’t need to make any adjustments (yay! love that!) I cut and resewed the lining to shorten it as well. Next, I sewed the ruffle to the top. This took some trial and error to get it even. I thought it’d be a little easier but the ruffle was somewhat curved.

Next, I began on the straps. I had intended to use the leftover floral print for the straps but the first time I cut the strips I made them too narrow and had a hard time turning them right side out so decided to use the leftover lining material to make new straps.

I pinned and sewed those in place and aloha! A new flowy, breezy tank top was born.

The finished ruffle tank

The finished ruffle tank

Back view-I suppose I could've continued the ruffle along the back as well but I thought it might look too busy.

Back view-I suppose I could’ve continued the ruffle along the back as well but I thought it might look too busy.

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