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Quick Fix For Snug-in-the Hips Skirt

An easy way to fix a skirt that is a little snug in the hips. Like this one-a great, lightweight lined skirt that’s perfect for warm weather outings.


This never fit me quite right. Like a lot of women, I buy stuff and I settle. I’ve settled with it for years while it just hung in my closet. It’s plenty long enough. This is key for doing this kind of refash otherwise you’ll trade one problem for another (it’ll end up being too short). All I did was remove the upper portion where the sash is (waistband). I literally just cut if off close to the seam so that I wouldn’t have a raw edge to finish. I also removed the belt loops.


Part of the zipper got cut off too. That’s okay. Even though the zipper stops have been cut off, all you need to do is use a method to close off the top of the zipper teeth. I simply stitched around the zipper teeth by hand a few times. That’s it. Now the skirt fits over my hips easily and it also fits my waist so I didn’t need any further alterations. Done. Easy as pie. Pie sounds good right about now. Oh wait, why did I refashion this in the first place? Right, because it didn’t fit my hips. No pie!


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