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DIY Frayed Jeans Hem

I’ve seen a lot of frayed or fringed jeans hem pics lately so I decided this would be an easy DIY on a pair of thrifted jeans.

I did this on skinny jeans but use whatever cut/style you like. Here’s a pair of distressed Silver jeans I had. I LOVE the Silver brand. Until I discovered them, I rarely wore jeans. They just never fit me properly. I have a small waist and bigger hips so I always had the back gap and that drove me crazy.


Begin by cutting off the bottom hem and marking where you want your fringe to stop. I marked about an inch or so but you can make the fringe as long as you want.


Cut slits up to the mark line every few centimetres.


Once you’ve cut slits, use a pair of tweezers or similar tool to start picking at the threads.


You want to try and pull the horizontal (white) threads out.


Keep picking until your jeans start to look like this.




After I was done I washed my jeans before wearing. It helps to clean things up a bit and make the fringe softer. I love the look with a pair of boots. If it were warmer out, I’d wear these with a pair of high heeled sandals and I would cut them a bit shorter so that they look more like a cropped pair of pants.


An alternative to the fringe is to just cut off the original bottom hem and not fray them, so essentially step #1 of this post. With time, the unhemmed jeans would just have thread hanging off them. This is another trendy look right now. So easy!


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