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Vintage End Table Find

Scored these beautiful vintage 1960s or 1970s ? end tables a few months ago. At $25 a piece, I couldn’t resist. Hidden away among countless tables and chairs, there they were-upside down, when I spotted them and let out a delightful “Oooh, what have we here?” as I reached to pull them out from under the pile of stuff.

Made by Kroehler, dovetail joints and a wonderful pull out drawer. In absolute PERFECT condition minus a scratch along the side of one. I knew some Briwax wood filler would fill this in so it wasn’t an issue. The wood is of the walnut family. Pecan to be exact. They’re a little shorter than most end tables but that’s going to work out fine since I’m going for some very tall vintage lamps to put on top. I’m looking at buying new lamps with a vintage look but all the ones I’ve seen or like are WAY out of my budget. I mean really, $400 a lamp? Meh, ain’t happening. When I find what I like and it’s not in the colour I want, I don’t care. I’m just going to paint them a nice light turqouisy (is that even a word? probably not) blue.

Lesson learned from this thrifted-from-a-massive-warehouse-of-junk store? Check EVERYTHING out! The hidden treasures are there just waiting for you!

Awesome vintage Kroehler end table

Awesome vintage Kroehler end table

Top and side view. How much do I love it? There are no words.

Top and side view. How much do I love it? There are no words. I may darken them up a bit. We’ll see when the room comes together.


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