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Ill-Fitting Dress to High-Waisted Skirt

I love this dress! (on someone else’s body!) The colours, the pattern. It’s lovely and it’s Nine West. I love their shoes. I didn’t even know they made clothes.

I bought this dress 8 years ago. Sorry about the ‘BEFORE’ pics. I chopped it without thinking I would need it for a post.

Basically, it’s a nice summer dress-bright, vibrant and fun (see picture of the back). It just detests my figure. I don’t know why I bought it (brand new). I even tried it on beforehand. Ever buy stuff without trying it on? I do. I don’t know what I was thinking. The only rational thought that comes to mind now is that I was about 20 lbs lighter then and I guess in my mind, I could wear whatever style and it would look fine-yeah right!

Love the citrus coloured print

Love the citrus coloured print

This would look fabulous on someone with normal sized hips, I swear.

The back was gorgeous with its wonderful tieback straps that left a bit of skin exposed.

All I did was take out my seam ripper and remove the top piece and stitch the new waist closed. Now it’s a high-waisted skirt. So, I guess I’m hip now since I hear the world under 20 is into the high-waisted look of the 1980s. I didn’t even have to touch the zipper. It’s still not perfect. I’m working on it. No more ice cream every night. I could stand to lose a few. I may chop that high waist off and reposition the zipper to better fit me. We’ll see.

Hip high-waisted momma

Hip high-waisted momma


Craving chocolate but going to fill up on water with a slice of lemon.


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