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Who Needs Coach? I’ve Got a Thrifted Handbag Collection

OK, here’s the thing. I don’t like Coach handbags. I know I’m probably in the minority. I just don’t get IT! I think they’re ugly. I know they are all the rage. I know they are some sort of status/fashion symbol kinda thing. I understand that they’re supposedly very well crafted and will last a lifetime. I still don’t like them. At all.

Why, oh why would I want a purse with a bunch of ugly letter ‘C’s all over it that comes in hideous, ugly, colours? I don’t and that’s that. Even if I could justify spending $300+ on a handbag, I STILL wouldn’t buy one cause I just plain don’t like ’em. Vintage Coach bags without the Cs all over them on the other hand…I could see myself picking one up. OK, rant over.

Ugly Coach Bags

Ugly Coach Bags

What I do like is my growing collection of thrifted handbags. I’ve only just started buying them so I’ve got a long way to go because what I’ve started with here are pretty much just staples. Nothing special really. The point of this post is to show you that thrift stores can be great alternative places to get handbags. I have yet to strike gold in terms of finding that designer bag that someone’s donated but you never know.

Straw bag-brand new and the perfect look for summer.???????????????????????????????



Vintage Black Clutch-so special it deserves a post of its own.???????????????????????????????


Purple Flower Bag-unique and different. Feels like leather. No brand but I love the softness of the leather, the colour and the vintage-inspired closure.???????????????????????????????





Brown/Purple Paisley Bag-different and stands out from all the other boring brown bags out there. I’ve gotten compliments on this one.???????????????????????????????


Red KGB Bag-a big, roomy bag with handy pockets in the front for phone and office key card. This one’s a little heavy though.



Small Black Leather Wallet Purse-so handy for just dashing out when you only need a wallet, keys and phone.021


022 023


Has a removable inner bag. I may shorten the straps and use it like a wristlet.???????????????????????????????

The next time you’re thrifting check out the handbags. You never know!


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