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Circa 1930 Radio

Another addition for our 1920s/30s dining room. This DeForest Crosley radio, which Mr. Restyle fell in love with, now occupies a corner in our home. I don’t know anything about it except that the company was located in Toronto.


1930 DeForest Crosley radio

The great thing about this is that it still actually works! it takes a few minutes for the bulbs to warm up.



I haven’t done any refinishing to it. I may just leave it the way it is. It is a little rough along the top and the screen is in need of some repair. A quick and inexpensive fix to swap out the fabric.


Speaker fabric in need of repair

The kids wondered why there was no FM radio on this thing.




Legs detail

Now all I have left to do in here is repair the chairs, build a new leaf for the table, add some window treatments, reupholster the chairs and hang a new era-appropriate crystal waterfall chandelier!



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