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DIY Upcycled Bathroom Storage

This quick upcycle is a fantastic example of what you can do with a little bit of creativity and a couple of old pieces. I am so excited to share this with you as this project was completed by my DB (darling brother!) Talk about keeping it in the family…

DB needed some more storage in the bathroom and had one of those over the toilet storage shelves. I don’t have a before picture but it was similar to this one. The one he had was worn and old.


These do work well in small spaces but space wasn’t really an issue anymore so he wanted to build something a little nicer with just a little more space for toiletries. Using an old night table, he joined the two pieces together with some screws.


The entire new piece got a fresh coat of white paint. Here is the result.


It looks fantastic and provides a nice new storage solution. Thanks little bro for the inspiration and allowing me to share your fantastic idea!

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Vintage Consoles Make The Best TV Stands

I have a pet peeve about flat screen televisions mounted above fireplaces. Ick. I just can’t STAND that look and I don’t know why. It just BUGS me for no reason at all. I don’t watch television all that much but when I do, I just don’t want to be straining my neck upwards toward the screen. Maybe because I suffer from arthritis in my neck. It just doesn’t seem natural to me.

I picked up this vintage mid-century console last Christmas and I’m finally writing about its awesomeness. It was a steal of a deal that I couldn’t pass up. They slapped the SOLD sign on it while we went to retrieve our vehicle for the pick up and right away there were people bummed out that it had been sold. The early bird catches the worm, I guess. I knew immediately that I wanted to use it as a t.v. stand. Have you shopped for t.v. stands lately? They’re ridiculously expensive and most of them are made of cheap plywood.



These old sideboards make the best t.v. stands and here’s why.

  1. They’re incredibly sturdy because they’re made of real wood. Solidly built to house the biggest flat screen.
  2. They’re stylish. If you like mid-century or a sleek, minimal look, this will definitely work for you.
  3. They’re roomy enough to house all you gear and keep everything neatly hidden.
  4. They can be restained or painted to suit your decor. I chose to keep mine as is since it blends in well with the colour scheme of the room.
  5. They can be repurposed and used somewhere else in your home when/if you decide you don’t want it as a stand anymore.


Yes, we still have vinyl. Kids have been on a kick the last couple of years buying these up. I must admit it’s been fun getting stuff I used to have but threw away many years ago when CDs became all the rage!


All of the cords are hidden inside.


3 spacious top drawers house small books, magazines, coasters, etc.


If you’re on the lookout for a new stand for your t.v. I hope you’ll consider repurposing a piece like this!


Early 1900s Sideboard Turned Kitchen Island

Happy National Thrift Store Day! Heading out later to see if there’s anything good left. For now, here’s this.

If you read my last post, you may have gotten the hint that we are in the middle of a complete kitchen transformation, DIY-style. One of the things we knew we wanted was to replace our oak island with something old. Found this quarter-sawn tiger oak sideboard from the early 1900s.


Man, was it in pretty rough shape. You can see a lot of the tiger oak veneer is peeling and there’s a big chunk taken out of the top.



But look at those claw feet! Gorgeous!


Here’s a picture of our kitchen taken a few years ago but this is pretty much what it’s been looking like.

kitchen before

You can see the island here and the oak cabinets. As for the yellow paint, I did this a few years ago. Not sure what possessed me as I am not a fan of yellow. Suffice it to say, I was reading about feng shui and got caught up in the whole (what I deem as ridiculous now-sorry if I offend) notion that colour affects what happens in your life and in your home. I am so anti-new age anything now. If you’re wondering what happened to the old island,¬†we posted an ad and had several responses to this free giveaway. It went to a good new home!

We had a plan to find something old and paint it but when we saw this piece and Mr. Restyle sanded it and removed the veneer that absolutely had to be removed, we both felt bad about the idea of painting it. So what did we do? We stained it. And then we both hated it. Back to our original idea. I’ve done this before where I’ve had doubts. Don’t do this. Go with your gut!

We painted it with ASCP in Old Ochre but stained the top with General Finishes Java Gel Stain. Mr. Restyle used a router saw to fix the top piece where a good chunk was missing. So clever! You can barely tell now. Sealed the whole thing with the satin top coat also from General Finishes.

New knobs were added still in keeping with the original look.

keyhole drawer

I love our new island and I am sure it will serve us well for years to come. Here’s another look at the before and after.




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