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Basement Bathroom: Cost Breakdown

on May 25, 2017

Just a follow up to my post on the basement bathroom build and a few more pics of the actual process.

Just so you have an idea of the space as it looked – unfinished. The wall on the left was built several years ago. It separates this bathroom from the office on the other side.


Prepping for plumbing…


Mr. Restyle dug this all up himself…


then filled it and poured concrete.


After that was dry, heused self-levelling concrete to finish it off.


The shower gets started…



So not the entire process but gives you a better idea of the before and after.

basement bathroom

Here’s the cost breakdown. Remember, most of this stuff was either obtained from thrift stores or at significant savings from big box stores (look for discontinued or clearance items or shop the sales for savings!) and various other sources. We search everywhere! In Canadian dollars:

Vanity                     $50
Antique cabinet  $100
Faucet                    $80
Toilet                     $140
Shower                  $900
Concrete                $100
ABS                          $ 30
Jackhammer           $80 (used for concrete floor)
Exhaust fan             $50
Heated floor           $120
Shower valve         $200
Shower tile             $200 (including grout)
Floor tile                 $300 (including grout)
Miscellaneous        $300

Mirror                        $25

Towel bar                    $15

Vanity light                 $40

GRAND TOTAL:         $2730



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