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Total Basement Bathroom from Top to Bottom

on April 26, 2017

UPDATE: See the updated post on this project with a complete cost breakdown. It’s all right here.

Hello all. There’s been a lot of activity in the household. We built a bathroom in the basement completely from scratch. Mr. Restyle did all of the walls, ceilings, flooring along with the install of shower, sink, toilet and tiling! So incredibly proud of him as he’s never done this much before. There are lots of pictures in this post but that’s because there are several different DIY, upcycled, recylced elements to this bathroom. I hope it inspires someone to do it yourself with existing materials.

This bathroom did not exist as the basement was unfinished when we purchased the house. Hubby installed in-floor heating. I don’t have pics of that part but I’m sure he does. If anyone out there is interested, we can create a separate blog post on how this was done. I love the grey tile we picked out for the floor.


The heated floor is controlled by this:


The ceiling is a drop-down as our house is wired to the max and that requires easy access. The ceiling tiles are actually made from drywall. We opted not to use pre-made ceiling tile in the bathroom. The Mr. cut, primed and painted them himself. The small circles in the ceiling are lights. The 2 large circles in the picture are built-in speakers because, well, he’s insane and wants access to music from almost everywhere. This bathroom is for the boys, so whatever they like, I’m okay with.


Every new element that we use in our renos is sourced at significant discounts. Suffice it to say, we sometimes have to buy things for projects that we don’t plan on working on for quite some time and we have stuff everywhere. I will be so happy on the day we are completely done, if there is such a thing! Shower was his vision. I admit I love it. He did the tiling, lighting, plumbing, everything himself.


shower headshower2.jpg

He’s quite proud of his soap niche-lights and all.


So what role did I play in this room? Well, this! An old dresser turned into a vanity and instead of having a built-in closet, I choose this old cabinet that I painted white.


A large basket of flowers sits on top.



Here’s a closer look inside.


I used to travel a lot for work and I can’t be the only one who brings hotel soap home, right? I thought they’d look pretty in this glass jar.

shell and soap

The fixture above the vanity is a clearance sale item. The mirror is a thrift store find.

vanity light_Fotor.jpg


This $5 wicker hamper was another thrift store find. I couldn’t believe how much these actually retail for! I removed the old plastic lining that was inside and used the fabric from a thrift store shower curtain as a new liner. The baskets inside the cabinet are also lined with the same fabric.


Finally, a couple of retro magazine ads that we picked up at a vintage fair last spring. Framed and ready to be hung (sorry for the reflection from the lighting in the next 2 pics).



I am really pleased with how this bathroom turned out and comments from friends and family have been that it’s beautiful and they love the mix of old with modern. This is the best looking bathroom in the house now!


7 responses to “Total Basement Bathroom from Top to Bottom

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  2. Cheryl says:

    Amazing!! I love the vintage posters!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Rude Record says:

    Us RUDE Guys know where you have been now. MIA in the basement!! What a wonderful job. You must be so very proud of this redo. Are you willing to disclose costings of this DIY? No pressure, just curious. RUDE Girl x


  4. kittie88wong says:

    Looks awesome! I love how everything turned out.

    Liked by 1 person

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