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DIY Ottoman From an Electrical Cable Reel

on November 26, 2015

Remember that tub chair I made over? You can find the original post here.


We wanted an ottoman to go with it so Mr. Restyle got an old electrical cable reel and we got to work.

All you need is one of these. He got one from a coworker whose dad works in the electrical industry.


It ended up being way too tall and wide so he cut it down to size and ended up with this. He added the pieces of 2×4 for support.


Next step was to cover off the openings so that while lifting or moving it there would be something to hold onto. I used some old blackout curtain lining fabric because that is what I had. I figured it would be sturdy enough for the job. I stapled it to the 2x4s at top and bottom.


Next, I added some foam that I had from something else.


Cut off the excess so that it was even top and bottom with the reel.


Made a template of the top out of paper and took that to the foam store so they could cut a piece for us that would be the exact size we needed. I don’t have a picture of this as I just finished this project and forgot to take one.

I used the same fabric that is on the chair and sewed together 2 rectangular pieces of fabric for the circumference and then sewed the top circle piece.

Laying the newly sewn cover on the floor right side down, I inserted the foam circle top and made sure it was snug and as straight as possible. Then flipped the reel on top of the foam circle and carefully pulled the fabric up (fabric will be fairly tight as you don’t want the cover to be loose).

I then stapled the new cover to the bottom of the ottoman and used the same curtain lining cut into a circle shape a little smaller than the circumference and stapled that to the bottom to cover all the yuckiness.

Mr. Restyle had some upholstery legs that we painted in the same colour as the chair’s frame. Attached the legs and voila!

Here is the finished ottoman. You can see the tub chair in the background and in this photo, the ottoman looks proportionally larger due to the angle the photo was taken.


He’s  happy because we are slowly replacing the furniture in this room which means the loveseat he always lies down on will be gone, replaced with the 2 tub chairs and ottoman and my Mad Men inspired sofa which is almost done.

What the sofa looked like when we got it.


Finished product coming very soon.






2 responses to “DIY Ottoman From an Electrical Cable Reel

  1. I have to admit I kept thinking…now how’s this going to look? I was a tad skeptical! But it looks fantastic!!! Well done. 🙂 – Karen


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