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Rockin’ Guitar Lamp

on September 21, 2014

I am blessed to have many wonderful and talented friends around the world. This idea reminded me of what you can do with old musical instruments. I had seen guitar cases turned into coffee tables, old keyboards turned into wall shelves and even entire shells of baby grands turned into bookcases but when my dear friend Mike posted his guitar lamp on Facebook recently, I thought it was pretty awesome and a great example of what you can do with something that really reflects your personality. Mike is a rockin’ kinda guy, who up until recently played in a band in his spare time. In his words, this project came about by taking “an old junker, drill, light kit, and a little stain. Turned out pretty cool.”

Yes, yes, it did turn out pretty cool!


Crank the tunes and turn this thing on!

mikes guitar lamp

Now I know I need to do something like this in my own home as all 5 of us are also musicians. Thanks Mike for letting me use your idea in this post. Rock on dude!


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