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Quick Fix for Tops that are Too Big

on June 27, 2014

So, that bag of free clothes had a few tops that I liked well enough but were too big. Here’s what I did.

This tank top was too long for my short torso so I marked where I wanted the new band to be, cut off the excess and restitched the original band back on. Easy!



Next was this lovely floral number that hung WAY too low in the front, so I needed a way to make the straps shorter. I removed the circle thing on the racerback that holds the straps up by unpicking the stitching.


Then marked how short I needed the straps to be and just stitched it back in place.



This sheer floral was way too big all over and it had an elastic waist which I can’t stand. I don’t mind the bagginess of it this time though since I’ll wear a tank underneath.


I removed the elastic from the bottom and I didn’t like the ruffle in the front, so that got unpicked.


Unpicking the ruffle caused some of the stitching to come out so I had to stitch those back down. Next step: tackle the shoulder seams as it was way too exposed in the front. A few simple stitches to raise the shoulders and done!


I’m off on a camping adventure for the next few days but will have more stuff coming in the next while as I try desperately to finish off my furniture makeovers and continue working through my refashioning pile. Happy Canada Day! Happy 4th of July! Happy summer!



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