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What Do You Do When Someone Just Hands You a Bag of Clothes?

on June 18, 2014

Mr. Restyle works with a woman who LOVES to shop and I mean LOVES to shop, as in every day during lunch time she is at the store and every day she is buying SOMETHING! Actually, I think she may be obsessed with shopping.


This means she is always purging her closet. She brought in a bag of clothes and just gave it to him. Now I am very grateful for this gesture but I have some work to do as we are not the same size. I’m medium. She’s large,shop and everything is too big for me, not my usual style or print preference but heck, it’s free. As in, I didn’t spend a dime on any of this. It’s begging to be refashioned, if I only I had time, time and more time!

So, I shall begin (or at least HOPE to begin). I wish I could work on stuff every night but there’s thing called actual work (AKA day job) and summer means I’m constantly harvesting from the garden, pulling weeds and tending things that grow but is this exciting or what? What would you do if someone handed you a bag of their cast-offs? What if you didn’t like any of the stuff? Would you still try to work with it?




One response to “What Do You Do When Someone Just Hands You a Bag of Clothes?

  1. Lucky gal! I love, love, love receiving bags of cast off goodies…there’s always a treasure or two to discover and even the less than stellar items usually can be snipped, stitched & transformed into something awesome 😀


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