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How I Rescued a Pair of Steve Maddens

on June 4, 2014

When I spotted these Steve Madden wedges at the thrift store recently I tried them on. They fit. I paid. I went home. Then I noticed that the elastic on both sandals was disintegrating and could come apart any time.
















There were only 2 options: 1. Forget about them and toss ’em. 2. Take them to the shoe repair shop. Well, I couldn’t toss them. They were in really good shape and wedges are perfect for summer. I love them for work as they’re so comfy and they look great. The shoe repair guy? Meh, how hard could it be to fix this?

















I’m going to play cobbler for a day. How could I NOT see this problem when I tried them on? I need to start carrying my reading glasses around EVERYWHERE!

Step One: Cut that offender out!

You're going down!

You’re going down!



















Not bad Ms. Cobbler. Not bad.

Step Two: Cut a new piece of elastic for each shoe. I didn’t even measure anything. Just eyeballed it and started hand sewing the new elastic in place making sure to poke the little spike through the elastic in the middle (OK, I actually had to google the word for that part, the spike. I was going to say that sticking up thing that goes in the hole). However did we survive without google?


Light Bulb Moment: Now that I think of it, I’ve got a pair of gorgeous red heels where one of the slingbacks is too loose. I don’t know if one foot is bigger than the other or what but I’ve had the shoes for years and don’t wear them because one keeps sliding off. I could do the same thing for those.

Lesson learned: dont’ toss! You can figure it out!


3 responses to “How I Rescued a Pair of Steve Maddens

  1. Rude Record says:

    Love DIY shoe repair. And at RUDE if shoes are vintage and beautiful like my Selby made in USA leather shoes, I will take them to the cobbler for some TLC.


  2. Nice job! It looks professional. You can’t even tell you made a change!

    Liked by 1 person

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