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The Little Black Vintage Clutch

on May 28, 2014

This is what I became so excited about the other day. This gorgeous vintage black clutch. I have been looking for one for quite a while so I grabbed this when I spotted it. It’s clean, in perfect condition. It’s black. And gold. And vintage! The inside is immaculate. The label says “National” Made in Canada. How often do you see that these days?

You gorgeous thing you!

You gorgeous thing you!


Sleek and slim.


Canadian made!

Canadian made!

This is the perfect little grab and go clutch for any season. Price: $7.99 with 30% off discount. Score!


2 responses to “The Little Black Vintage Clutch

  1. Love this purse!!!! – Karen


  2. That is a stunning score! 😀


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