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The Biggest, Bestest, Badass Vintage Jewellery Box Ever

on May 28, 2014

Mr. Restyle bought me a jewellery box before we married in 1991. It’s served its purpose very well but I could never fit everything in it and part of the front door had broken off. Sadly, it was time to say goodbye. I picked up this absolutely amazing big ass box at Value Village. It is real wood. It’s huge and it fits everything. I love it.



It’s a little beat up but look at those handles and pulls.???????????????????????????????


I don’t have much costume jewellery but what I do have fits beautifully in this box. The top tray holds all of my rings and earrings.???????????????????????????????


Look at that sticker and banner-The Empress! LOL The “queen” of all jewellery boxes. I can’t believe these things were still attached to the box. Someone took good care of this.???????????????????????????????


The bottom tray holds watches, some boxes that I keep charms in and other odds and ends.???????????????????????????????


The bottom drawer and the 2 trays within contain all of my bracelets and necklaces. I like that the necklaces are not hanging on that carousel thing like a regular box. Nothing gets tangled this way.008


And here’s the best part. There is an inscription on the bottom tray that reads “Ethel from Lionel. Happy Birthday 1966.” How incredibly sweet is that? I wonder who Ethel and Lionel are/were. That’s the thing about buying old stuff. It all has a story. I hope they were happy. Maybe they were married and lived a long life and he bought her many, many beautiful things to put in this jewellery box. Happy Birthday Ethel!???????????????????????????????


One response to “The Biggest, Bestest, Badass Vintage Jewellery Box Ever

  1. Another fabulous find…and the inscription makes it an extra special treasure! 😉


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