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Removing That Sooooo 2004 Ruching From a Blouse

on May 26, 2014

Green is my favourite colour so when I find something in a shade of green that I particularly like, I’ll pick it up. Like this blouse from Le Chateau that I thrifted last summer. I like this shade. It goes with a lot of skirts I already have but that ruching along the sleeves and the back seam is SO 2004. People who don’t thrift have a preconceived notion that those who do often do not look fashionable or on trend…WRONG!


That ruching has GOT to go!

It does take a bit of work sometimes but you shouldn’t pass up a piece you like just because of something that is so incredibly easy to fix.



Ruching is achieved by pinning a piece of elastic onto the fabric and stretching as you stitch. This is very easy to remove. Now, I KNOW I took pictures of the process but I can’t find them anywhere! Argh! It’s very simple though. Just unpick the stitching holding the elastic in place using a seam ripper. In my case, the seams on the sleeves stayed in place but when I unpicked the ruching along the back seam it left me with a seam to resew. No big deal. Just stitch it up.

I had a few very tiny holes from the stitching/ruching after I unpicked so I just threw the blouse in the washing machine and pressed it once dry. Now I have a simple, streamlined blouse that’s wearable again!


Much more 2014 now!


So much better!







One response to “Removing That Sooooo 2004 Ruching From a Blouse

  1. Rude Record says:

    I love ruching +++ but either way your little blouse is a lovely style.


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