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Breezy Thrifted Maxi Skirt & Thrifting Weekend

on May 25, 2014

It has been a truly glorious weekend weather-wise. It’s the perfect temperature and with a slight breeze blowing, this thrifted maxi skirt is just the ticket. I picked it up last year from Talize. I paired it with this thrifted black T and black suede mocassins from Value Village.


Maxi skirt: thrifted from Talize. Top: thrifted (can’t remember where), Moccasins: Value Village, Shades: St. Catharines Flea Market.

I like this one because although it’s a print, it’s not too loud. Mr. Restyle and I had a great weekend of thrifting. Friday night we headed one town over to a true charity shop called Grimsby Benevolent Fund. This place was well-stocked with furniture, kitchen and glassware, toys, games and books galore. It’s very well organized and priced very, very reasonably. I picked up a few tops and a black leather belt along with a couple of Corelle plates to match some we already had. A few had broken over the years so I was ecstatic to find the same pattern and for 25 cents a piece? I mean, really.


Grimsby Benevolent Fund Retail Store

Saturday took us to Beamsville’s Bibles for Missions where I picked up a pair of rollerblades for 3 bucks. I have been able to ice skate since I was a little kid but rollerblading is something I never learned. There will be some shopping for protective gear before I can practice. That was all we had planned to do until Mr. Restyle took out his phone and with the help of an app he has installed, suggested we drive another 15 minutes out to St. Catharines to the Value Village there. Why not? I was pleasantly surprised by this location. It seemed to have WAY more in the tops/blouses section than you find in east Hamilton. I did really well here with a few more tops and scored a beautiful vintage leather clutch that I’ll write about in another post.

Bibles for Missions

Bibles for Missions


Well, what was across the street from the VV? The St. Catharines Ontario Street Flea Market. Flea market’s are not really my thing but the mister, he likes to look around. It’s your typical flea market set up. Towards the back is where everything’s hoarded. I didn’t feel like digging around because I hadn’t anticipated being out so long yesterday. Maybe next time.


Hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend!



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