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Refinished Antique Dresser

on April 27, 2014

I recently refinished this dresser (see Refashion of a Different Kind) and wanted to showcase the result.

This beautiful cherrywood dresser is part of a complete bedroom set, which I’m still working on. It started out like this-dull, boring brown tone, faded with watermarks on the surface. It’s hard to tell from the after picture. It really is more of a transformation than what shows in the pictures:


Andrew Malcolm Solid Cherrywood Dresser BEFORE

And here’s how it ended up:


Dresser AFTER-the beautiful cherry wood grain really pops.

This was a LOT of work but worth every minute. I LOVE beautiful wood. Some people might paint this stuff but I always like to salvage a really good piece first. I opted to leave the original hardware on it. Antiques depreciate in value if they don’t have the original hardware.

Here’s another view:


You can see the matching bed in this picture. I didn’t do anything to it. It was in GREAT condition.

And a close up of the wood grain:


I am so happy with this. Now I have to finish off the night stands and the tallboy dresser. Still a lot of work to do!



One response to “Refinished Antique Dresser

  1. Heather R. says:

    WOW! Those are gorgeous- SCORE!!! 😀


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