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Quick & Easy Bag From Crochet Cardigan

on April 22, 2014

Remember those cropped crochet cardigans?I didn’t know what to do with mine anymore so I grabbed my scissors along with some other bits and scraps and fashioned a quick and easy little bag.

I really liked the pattern and didn’t want to throw the cardigan away but I knew I’d never wear it again. Unfortunately, I did this refashion at the end of last summer and forgot the before pic.


I made the front of the bag from the back of the cardigan.


I sewed the crochet to some leftover drapery lining, then used some leftover tablecloth material for the inside lining of the bag.

Here’s the inside of the bag.


For the back, I had some fringe from a poncho. Remember ponchos? What to do with them now? I handstitched the fringe and used another piece from the same poncho to form a handle.


Now it’s a super lightweight, grab it and go kind of cross-body bag perfect for the warmer weather.




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