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Simple Storage Solution

on April 3, 2014

Since I’ve been away for so long, I have a lot of catching up to do so look for several posts in a short period of time. Like so many other families with kids who are into gaming, you know all too well how quickly gaming consoles and all the games that go with them can add up and take over a room. What to do with all this stuff?!

This next project was a bit of an accident. I was looking for an old dresser to turn into a TV stand. The stand we had, although fairly big, still didn’t have enough storage for the satellite receiver, home theatre system, VCR, DVD players, etc plus all the cables were so visible. Yuck! If you’ve ever shopped for TV stands, you know how expensive they can get! I wanted to find something that could be closed when not in use. Scouring kijiji, I found this:


Pretty gross, huh? It came out of a house that was so dirty and dusty that I didn’t want to bring it inside. This is after Mr. Restyle did some sanding to smooth it out a bit. This is solid wood and I mean SOLID and I loved that it had doors that could close and hide all the junk inside. This was going to live in the basement family room and unlike the rest of our house, down there I wanted a modern decor so the brown wood had to go.

Mr. Restyle drilled holes at the back to feed the cables.


Here’s a view of the front. The handles were removed as I wasn’t going to reuse them. This piece was going silvery.


Next, the doors were taken off and the whole thing was primed. 2 coats of primer later and it was ready for paint. I chose a light grey as the colour scheme downstairs is grey/yellow/white. I used a paint from Home Hardware’s Beautitone line simply because I didn’t feel like driving all the way out to Home Depot and there’s a Home Hardware very close to where I live. I’d also had good success using their Cabinet & Furniture paint on the dresser that you see in the background in these pictures. That’s another story. That piece became 2 separate things that I’m quite happy about.

I like how it turned out.



And complete! What a difference some paint and new hardware can make!


Then I changed my mind! Decided this was still not going to fit all the entertainment gear, so it got repurposed and became strictly a storage centre for the boys and their games. It now hides all the discs, controllers and cables. Guess I have to find yet another, BIGGER piece to house the TV and stuff!



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